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  • Wendy Craighill

If I am buying a home, do I need to be pre-qualified?

Are you house hunting? Are you going to buy a house in 2022? is definitely a buyer's AND seller's market.

  • It is a seller's market because everything is selling in a day (if it is priced correctly)

  • It is a buyer's market because of the choices (everyone that has THOUGHT about selling is selling) and these AMAZING rates.

Yes, the rates are lower than they have been in years. And by the way, if you aren't prequalified, it lowers your offer acceptance, because it lowers the chances for your offer to be taken seriously. Another reason (perhaps the BIGGEST reason for you to get pre-qualified) is that it helps you know what houses to look at and which ones to not even bother with.

Now that you know that it is the right thing to do before your home search, how should you get pre-qualified. Lisa McNeil can assist you, as a first-time buyer, for a VA loan, or to help you refinance your home so that these amazing rates will discount your current payment. She focuses on a long-term relationship and can help you through THIS mortgage and in the future. Because, let's face it, buying a home is stressful, but especially because of COVID-19 -- but getting a mortgage shouldn't be stressful. Lisa will guide you through the process - she won't lead you or push you - but she will answer all your questions and be on your side, every step of the way!

Lisa works all over Hampton Roads. She handles mortgages as far as Essex County and Upper Neck to Hampton, Gloucester, Poquoson, Newport News, Williamsburg, Norfolk, Virginia, Richmond, and Elizabeth City, NC! This is a great journey to be on and she would love to be riding it, with you. Give her a call and tell her that Wendy of SMSimplifier sent you! 757-251-2781

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