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What our clients are saying about us:


"I have been saying this every day since we started together – Wendy is AMAZING!! Just wanted you to know that I really appreciate all your hard work and I’m absolutely loving the results."

Lisa R. Wells, Business Coach, Virtual Assistant Training

"Wendy approached us about doing a Facebook Local page and as we are a franchise, I was skeptical. She "listens" to our fans and pays attention to what people respond to and is responsive to Corporate's requests. My District Manager has followed the page and has really enjoyed it! We'd recommend SMSimplifier for any small business (or franchise) in Williamsburg and are so glad we went ahead with this venture!" Ed Delosreyes, AMF Williamsburg Lanes



"I feel very fortunate to have found Wendy! I have hired no less than four social media “self-proclaimed experts” prior to Wendy who have failed to produce results which made me as though I was throwing my money out the window month after month. It seems that most social media strategists treat every client the same and we aren’t the same; each of us has a specific message. Wendy has been diligent and thorough in taking the time to study who I am as a Healing Guide, as a Life Coach and as a person, and had developed a creative, effective plan that is working!  Finally, I am getting interaction on my social media sites and my exposure is expanding daily.  Social media isn’t just about looking good to your followers. It’s about capturing the attention of your “potential ideal clients.” Wendy is getting the job done!  She is highly creative in her concepts and has a clear understanding of my business’ needs. I would highly recommend Wendy. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning Wendy’s skills or work ethic." Teresa Bruni, Expert Healing Guide, Speaker & Author Less Fear More Flow

"Social Media Simplifier does absolutely that! Wendy would schedule  my Facebook posts, in advance, and draft a blog entry for me to tweak, allowing me to see her creative, if I chose to.  She took the time to learn my “voice” for my blogs and typical content that matched my Facebook presence. She was a great task master and was good about reminding me of upcoming deadlines and tasks. I recommend her to you without reservation." Belinda Willis, Business Consultant and owner Focusing on Solutions, LLC BHWillis

"Social Media (Facebook, specifically) has not been a place where we have spent much time. We set up a page, when we set up our local website, uploaded some photos from an event, and let activity fizzle out. We were approached by Wendy and liked her style – she is a professional and yet a down-to-earth SAHM. We instantly liked her ideas but weren’t sure how we felt about done-for-you marketing services. In the end, it is exactly what we needed. SMSimplifier takes the photos, captions them, and even keeps the conversation going. In addition to that, we are notified if a question comes up that cannot be answered. It is a perfect fit for us." Pam & Bob Wood, owners Fun Bus of Hampton Roads

"Wendy approached Imagination Village about Social Media Marketing, after my business opened and after my fan base was already growing. I wasn’t sure that I needed help, quite honestly. I had wonderful reviews, referrals and social mentions.  But what is unique about Wendy her services as a Social Media Simplifier is that she looked at my business as a unique situation, with solution-oriented eyes. She found small holes that I didn’t know existed in my SEO goals, brainstormed ideas with me, and even helped me build a community with other toddler-friendly businesses, in Hampton Roads. She and I came up with some new ideas, she gave me many unique posts, with key words that I hadn’t thought of, as we shifted gears several times about what her responsibilities were. At this point, I have taken full Administrative rights back, and I recommend her to other small, stressed-out business owners. My business is on firm footing and we have a great marketing plan. I continue to grow by leaps and bounds, and I know that owe at least some of that success to Wendy and her ideas." Margo Zechman, owner & manager Imagination Village

"Social Media Simplifier was the perfect partner to kick off our Social Media efforts. We had only begun to dabble in social media and needed assistance. We had a Facebook group and a couple of “people” named NCFI but no Fan pages. Then, Wendy was referred to us by our PR firm. Now, we have 3 Twitter feeds, 3 Fan pages, and a good network of fans. She posted, daily, for a full year, on 6 profiles, everything from videos to work-site photos to news articles. She has created  fan base and given our (now) full-time Social Media Firm a jumping-off point. We appreciate her efforts and would recommend Wendy to any small business or start-up. She continually asked for feedback and didn’t need hand holding. She “listened” to our fans and posted accordingly." Emillie Lee, Sales & Marketing Assistant, NCFI Polyurethanes 

"Wendy Craighill of SMSimplifier is an evangelist for my business.  Her excellent, consistent postings in Facebook and personal championship of my services led to greater exposure in the community and paid speaking engagements.  I found Wendy went above and beyond, in creativity, to help grow my business online.  She was patient in explaining the use of social media as well as open and responsive to feedback to better meet my needs." Amanda Deverich, LMFT – Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting Practitioner and Master Parenting coach. 

"I am a real estate agent who has been hesitant to enter the blogging world, although my broker has been encouraging me to do it for several years. I am not a very good writer and it takes me a long time to find just the right words. I finally decided to take the plunge and hire a writer. I got very lucky and found just the right person for the job. Wendy Craighill has been a marvelous writer and editor picking up on what I need for blogs appropriate for my business and adding her own pizazz. Her writing style is crisp, clear, easy to understand, and upbeat. She has an uncanny ability to take a 2-3 page article on a topic, that she may not be familiar with, and summarize it in less than 500 words in a style that makes it interesting and useful for the reader. On top of that she adds appropriate pictures to the blogs she creates. I also need to mention she creates Facebook postings for me that are entertaining and informative. I highly recommend Wendy if you need some assistance with social media!" Rolf Kramer, Real Estate Agent Retiring In Williamsburg

"Social Media Simplifier worked for my business as an independent contractor for over 5 months.  Wendy Craighill and I have discussed various strategies regarding Facebook and its use.  She posted for me daily on Facebook, wrote blogs about my business, took in-store photos with guests and employees.  These photos were used on Facebook to help raise recognition and grow our business.  She made her best effort to help us grow our business through our advertising and efforts with Facebook.  Wendy has always been available and has been prompt about updating information, and posting daily."  Barry Lowery, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

"I am a member of the Williamsburg Community Pool. In 2011, the swim team set up a Facebook page and I began periodically positing. Nothing too consistent, I just posted when I had time or something important to say. We have a loyal group of pool members and swim team families, so we quickly gained around 50 likes. In Summer 2013, Wendy took over the duties of managing the page. She’s done a fabulous job. Her posts are always engaging, funny, and have great use of graphics and pictures. She’s timely: always letting the team know what’s coming up. Her work is paying off, as the statistics prove. By July we are well over 110 likes. We’re lucky to have such a professional touch to this important part of our team." Joe Hertzler, MBA Williamsburg Community Pool

"After purchasing Bounce House five months ago, we quickly realized how much had to be done to make it all we envisioned. One thing that we didn’t have to worry about was Social Media Marketing strategy. Social Media Simplifier continued to tell our story – using our ideals of a safe, fun place for children to play. By focusing photos and advertising on birthday parties and what to do in Williamsburg, on a rainy day, “likes” are still coming in, today! The use of photos, videos, press releases and coupons has gotten our new business off on the right foot. The use of Social Media, over the past five-month period, has increased community awareness, and gotten us to a place where we can take back the ownership and upkeep of our page, thanks to SMSimplifier."Owner, Bounce House Williamsburg 

"Owning a crêperie, in New Orleans, is a lot of fun, a lot of work, and as the owner, I get saddled with scheduling, hiring, ordering food, decorating, and training. Food quality and atmosphere has always been my focus, but after a couple of strategy sessions with Social Media Simplifier, we focused on catering events and social sharing by college students as short-term marketing goals. Several campaigns, tweaking key words, and audience listening were goals of the first 90 days. The rest of the first year was a time of growth – testimonials, an increase of quality reviews and catering gigs, and a dramatic increase in “likes” and “follows.” The bottom line: with all that I have to do, day-in-and-day-out, I haven’t had to worry about social-media strategy. Social Media Simplifier has continued to tell our story – conforming to the audience and the conversation, while threading simple concepts of gourmet fast food and catering, into all stories. Crêpes à la Cart increased Check-Ins by 25% on Foursquare, increased “likes” by 45% on Facebook, and increased “followers” by 150% on Twitter, all thanks to the efforts of Social Media Simplifier." Kevin Merlin, Owner & Chef  Crepes a la Cart


"Wendy of SMSimplifier contacted us about our post on Trash & Treasure. We had thrown together a business card and were dipping our toe in the water of advertising. With a little research, she realized we didn’t have a website or a Facebook Page (or Pinterest!) and thought we needed help. What perfect timing as we did need help, we just didn’t know where to start. She and her Web Designer interviewed us about our differentiators and our perfect client, where we wanted to work and what made us the most money. Quite honestly, we felt as if this first step was as much business coaching as it was figuring out our marketing plan. They created a webpage with a blog, set up a Facebook business page, set up Pinterest and created a brand, in under three (3!) weeks. We were very impressed.The first impression didn’t end – SMSimplifier continues to work hard and have our best interests at heart. It is a heart-centered business and we really feel – and have always felt – that Wendy cares for us, our success and the general health of Squeaky Clean. If you are just starting out or need to get started in “Social” but don’t know where to start – Wendy is your answer.” Lorelei and Rachel, owners of Squeaky Clean VA.



"Wendy Craighill 'simplified' our Social Media. She was in our store taking pictures and making connections with both the guest and employees.  She was able to regularly put together posts on Facebook that reflected our quality in product and service. She was always very friendly when she was in our store and conducted herself in a professional manner. We would recommend Wendy for any small business or franchise that is looking to build their Social Media presence." Roy Finchum, Marketing Director, Chick-fil-A Monticello Marketplace 

"Wendy you are so good at what you do! You are such an asset to my business. Not to mention you are one of the warmest people I've ever known. I love that I'm getting soooo many more clients in New Kent! I have 3 estimates on Monday. And seems I'm getting more in Lanexa and Toano, too! Love Love Love!" Maxine Goins, owner Colonial Cleaning Company


"Wendy has done a fantastic job for us over the last several years! She goes above and beyond with her services. We couldn't be more pleased! Also a delight to work with!" Susan Lusse, Innkeeper of Inn at Corolla Light  


"Wendy is the consumate professional and has provided our social media page a boost in energy and interest. She is very engaging and quickly validates content to make our page stand out from the rest. We have enjoyed the personal touches that makes our page unique. Thank you Wendy!" Ed Delores, manager AMF Williamsburg Lanes


"Wendy is amazing! She helped me with my website when I was having issues. She fixed it! So excited to be working with her." Mandy Craft of Williamsburg Carpet & Upholstery

"You've done a fantastic job with the Facebook page! We're happy to continue having you do the marketing, with the ownership change!" Dan Hausman, new owner of Charly's Airport Restaurant

"My staff and I have looked at your amazing work!  We really are pleased.  You are definitely headed in the direction that we had envisioned. Can’t wait to see what is next to come out of your creative mind." Anne Black, Black Marlin, CPA


"Wendy, I attended your SCORE presentation on Saturday April 23, and it was very, very helpful. Facebook can be confusing and time consuming but as you pointed out, very necessary. And just from your course I was able to immediately utilize many of the Facebook features I previously ignored or didn't even know they were there. Best SCORE class I've been to!" Pete Vack, 

"Thank you so much for speaking for us the other day. You did a fantastic job, and we all learned so much from your presentation." Calllan Ryder, Coordinated Services Management, Inc.

“Wendy’s assistance with posting news & events on our Website and Facebook Business page has been awesome! Our neighborhood is rapidly expanding and we could not keep up with our daily social media presence. Now, thanks to Wendy's assistance, we are staying ahead of the curve and getting good interaction from our community – which is what Scott’s Addition is all about.” Roger Bouchard, President, Scott's Addition Boulevard Association

“Wendy Craighill is a knowledgeable Social Media Trainer and Gifted Speaker!  We’ve had the pleasure of seeing her present to two different groups during  HRSBDC Marketing Events.  She shared a lot of information in a short time period and the students responded with very positive remarks on the evaluations.”  Debra Hamilton Farley, Associate Executive Director/HRSBDC

"SMSimplifier has managed our social media marketing presence for over two years, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Wendy & Sommer are consistently pleasant, tackling all projects with dedication and a smile. Besides being a joy to work with, they are have a take-charge personailty and are always able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. SMSimplifier successfully developed several marketing plans for our business that have resulted in increased revenue, our fans and followers have increased by 720%, and we just recently won the international award for the best performing Ben & Jerry's franchise. Over the past year alone, we have experienced a 27% increase in profits. I am confident this is largely due to SMSimplifier's social media marketing outreach, review management, and customer engagement. Not only has SMSimplifier become an asset to our marketing efforts, they are also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the business. In addition to providing online customer service for unsatisfied customer reviews, they have assumed a leadership role in promoting our catering and cake business, as well as recruiting Ben & Jerry's employees to become brand ambassadors and assist in their social media marketing efforts. I highly recommend SMSimplifier to any person, business, or company looking to create an outstanding online presence through social media marketing . Wendy and Sommer would make a great asset to any company."  Ben & Jerry's / Green Mountain Coffee Cafe

Social Media Simplifier, also called SMSimplifier,  a social media marketing professional who serves small businesses in the Williamsburg, Yorktown, Newport News, and surrounding areas. Social Media Marketing created for YOU, the busy professional!


To find out more about services, products, and how SMSimplifier can help your brand or business develop a strong social presence-

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SMSimplifier is done-for-you marketing services, created for the entrepreneur that just doesn’t have time to manage profiles, daily updates, or sending out newsletters. We manage your Pinterest boards, your Twitter and Facebook updates, and will write and publish blogs, articles, and newsletters. We do this in a human way because we believe in developing a relationship with your customers! Advertising is advertising. Social-Media marketing is bonding with your customers and prospects so that they want to spend money with you rather than with another organization. That is what we do.

"Wendy Craighill is the guru of the world of Social Media. Do you want “Wow” factor for your social media presence? Wendy of SM Simplifier is where to get it. Her work is Impeccable with wonderful creative flair. Try it, you will not be disappointed. In fact, you will be thrilled." Ann Kelly, owner, The Imperial Olive.

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